Winterhaven Pricing in Tucson... Dates, Times and Prices

December 8th thru 25th 2018 at 6, 7, 8 and 9pm

TIMES:  6, 7, 8 and 9pm EVERY NIGHT 


Please arrive 30 minutes early for your  Winterhaven ride 

3235 n. Country Club Road, Tucson Arizona 85716

520-825-0208 FOR RESERVATIONS from 9am to 9pm

Daily Special, Wednesday 12th  Children 15 and under $5 all night! only upon request  


Our phones get VERY busy as it gets closer to the Festival so reserve early.  If you get our message that means we are booking on the other line, give us a few minutes and call again.  

SEATING: INDIVIDUAL AND WAGONS AVAILABLE: We offer individual seating, meaning you can reserve one or two seats, or you can reserve an entire wagon. Discounts available for full wagon rentals.  Wagons hold 16, 20,25, 30 and 40 passengers. Wagon seating is arranged  where either  you face out to one side or other theater style, you face forward with a trolley style, or you face towards each other.  You may request a specific seating, if it is available, we are happy to ty to arrange the special request it for you.  ​Please note, we do not have any hay on the wagons!  

DISCOUNTS AND DAILY SPECIALS? Of course, posted each day above.   Military discounts also available. Lets not forget discounts for our Winterhaven Residents! Most of our daily specials request food donations for the Tucson Food Bank... 

Our daily specials with be posted here with daily updates and changes. You must request the special as a coupon to recieve the discount.

INDIVIDUAL RATES/ Winterhaven Pricing in Tucson

Tuesday Dec 11th thru Thursday Dec. 13th $12 at 6&7, $10 at 8&9pm with food donations!

Friday Dec 14th thru Saturday Dec 15th $16 at 6, 7 and 8pm, $10 at 9pm with food donations!

Sunday Dec 16th thru Thurs Dec 20th $14 at 6&7, $10 at 8&9pm with food donations!

Friday Dec 21st  $16 at 6, 7 and 8pm, $10 at 9pm with food donations!

Saturday Dec 22nd thru Sunday Dec 23rd $16 at 6, 7, 8, and 9pm

Monday Dec 24th thru Tuesday Dec 25th $16 at 6&7, $10 at 8&9pm


16 passenger:  from $160 to $248 (inward facing, only one so call early to reserve)

20 passenger:  from $200 to $310 (inward facing, only one so call early to reserve)

25 passenger : from $250 to $388 (inward facing, only one so call early to reserve)

30 passenger:  from $300 to $465 (Trolley style forward facing, only one so call early to reserve)

40 passenger:  from $400 to $620 (outward facing theater style)


*How to calculate wagon rates:  On $10/person night, it is the same... for example, 20 people = $200.  Every other priced night take .50 cents off per person on the wagon you choose. For example, on a $16/person night calculate $15.50 x 20 people = $310 

Please refer to prices on individual seating for calculation price

RESERVATIONS?  ​Not required but strongly suggested.  To reserve, call us at 520-825-0208 between 9am and 5pm. Most days you can reserve right up to just hours before the event starts so call for availablility 

NO RESERVATIONS?  Of course!  Arrive 30 minutes prior to time you would like... seating is first come first serve and is not guaranteed without a reservation, however, we usually are able to accommodate you as we underbook our wagons to make sure our reservations are good then fill the seats with walk ups...   All walk up seating $10 per seat regardless of the night you come as a courtesy to you for trying , we appreciate it!

PAYMENT:  Payment accepted in the form of credit card (4.0% convenience fee), money order or cash (no fee for cash or money order).  All reservations must be made with a credit card or mail a check/money order in advance to hold your spot: 

Address for checks:  Winterhaven Rides,  895 w. Running Bird Lane, Benson Arizona, 85602.  Please put your reservation name,  date and time on the memo.  Check must be received 1 week prior to the event.  

RAIN CHECKS? no rain checks, in the event of rain we will cover the wagons and waiting.  Please dress for the weather.  If you are not able to come due to rain, we will reschedule you in a future time slot.  Please inform your party of this!  

REFUNDS?  No refunds given out for any reason without adequate cancellation notice 

CANCELLATION: For a refund, we require 3 days notice to cancel parties of 10 or less.  We require 1 week notice for parties of 11 or more people to cancel.  If you are a same day reservation, you will be given a time to cancel by that same day.  If you show up at our site without all your people, you are still responsible for full payment of these missing people so plan carefully.  You may not sell your  missing seats from our lot. If we see you do this you will forfiet your seats and payment for the ride in full.  All cancellations will accrue a $10 filing fee


The Fine Print!  ​​​​Most of our vehicles are propane powered.  We have 10 running on propane.  Propane vehicles are used indoors and in Disneyland.  Should one of them incur an unforeseen problem, we will use a regular gas/diesel vehicle to complete your ride.  Bear with us as we work out the bugs!  

By purchasing a ticket and/or riding the Winterhaven Rides, you agree to Ride AT YOUR OWN RISK and you assume all liabilities incidental to the events BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER the tour.  Specifically, you hereby RELEASE/WAIVE the Winterhaven Rides and ALL affiliates of medical, legal, financial and personal injury/property loss/damage liabilities!  


Thank you! Winterhaven Wagon Rides in Tucson Winterhaven Rides in Tucson