Reds Saddle Mules

Mule Training


Welcome to Reds Saddle Mules.  We are located in beautiful Benson Arizona!  We have existed all these years by training mules from all over the country for people just like you.  At Reds Saddle Mules we feel that by giving your mule a quality start to your riding relationship, we are giving your mule a chance at a great life with you.  In light of that, we do take our training seriously.  

​Our training philosophy consists of four main areas of focus.  First, mules need to be stretched and flexed in order to be able to properly bend and flex in turning.  One of the reasons it is difficult for a mule to easily neck rein is because they are half horse and half donkey.  If you look at the conformation of a donkey, you will notice they have a very skinny hindquarters and a very strong, heavy neck and shoulders.  Because of this build, they are more forward than a horse.  This is also partly how a mule is built.  This needs to be considered when teaching to rein and ride.  We want them light on the front so the key to this is stretching and flexing your mule as well as working on conformation.  We stretch and flex all the mules both manually as well as while riding them.  We recommend these exercises to continue throughout the life of your mule.  Another aspect of being able to properly bend is dental.  Lets not forget the importance of a mouth that is physically capable of handling a bit without pain or other issues working against him.  We incorporate a lot of English riding techniques into our saddle mule training which also helps to keep your mules mouth soft.  

​Secondly, we focus on comfort.  If you are not comfortable, you are less likely to do whatever it is that made you uncomfortable.  You may put up with it for a short time, but, eventually you will complain.  Like you, mules are smart enough to associate discomfort with the cause and will tell you in many different ways.  For example, if you always bang your mules teeth when bridling him, pretty soon, he will not allow you to bridle him... or catch him!  It is simple... comfortable, quality tack is of utmost importance in saddle mule training. 

​Third, we focus on a fun and stimulating training experience for you mule.  The smarter your animal, the quicker they are to tire of monotonous daily routines.  We try to keep it interesting.  We want your mule to meet us at the gate for their daily training session and this requires some creativity.  We drive them, ride them in a round pen, arena and out on the trail both alone and with other animals.  We work a lot of 20 meter circles to strengthen the hindquarters for better athleticism and this can get quite dull.  So, as your mule progresses, we will work these techniques for a shorter period of time and then take the mule on a ride in the mountains as a reward.  This will build both confidence and the desire to continue learning in your mule.  A willing partner is the key to a successful relationship in saddle mule training and harness or driving mule training.

​Finally, we focus on trust.  Building a trusting relationship with your mule is the basis of all your mules desire to learn and perform.  Without a willing partner, you won't find much enjoyment in your riding experience.  Saddle mule training and harness mule training is a series of small steps that build into a fluid movement.  Trust is also a building of small experiences that create a relationship that allows you to approach any type of obstacle with confidence.  Our saddle mule training is basically teaching your mule to trust our judgement by not asking anything that they cannot successfully accomplish.  This will ensure a willing, confident, happy partner for many years to come. 

​Thank you for your interest in us and our saddle mule training and driving mule training.  Our fee for saddle mule training are $800 per m onth.  Our fee for driving mule training are $500 per month.  This includes all mule training, haircuts, feed, and teaching you the communication techniques we have used with your mule at the end of your mules time with us.  Board is $8.75/day if you cannot pick your mule up immediately after training.  If your mule is not progressing on schedule, we will contact you.  We don't want to waste our time or your money.  We only accept mules during the months of February through August.  Please call for any questions or to simply chat about mules! 

​Happy Trails and Ride Like the Wind, Our Friends!