Wagon Styles

40 Passenger Wagon Styles


This style in the image to the left holds about 40 passengers.  You board the wagon in the rear and face out to one side or another theater style. One row is higher than the other.  We have a few of these and some have just a few forward facing seats where the team driver used to sit.  This is the style of wagon most people are seated in without request as it is our largest wagon type, however, you may end up in any of the wagons available without request. 

Our second 40 passenger style is where you board in the rear and face towards each other with a middle row between the inward facing seats. We have only one of these and usually us it for private parties where you reserve the entire wagon as it is a social wagon.

Our third 40 passenger style  has seats facing outward down the middle row and inward on the side where you are knee to knee with another party. This style is also good for private parties where you reserve the entire wagon. 

16, 20 and 25 Passenger Wagons



This style wagon  boards in  the rear and faces toward each other.  These wagons are used almost exclusively for private parties where you can reserve the entire wagon.

Our 16 passenger wagon is where you face inward toward each other without any forward facing seats.  This is the image to the right.  

Our 20 and 25  passenger wagon boards in the rear and faces inward towards each other but also has about 4 forward seats where the driver used to sit.  

30 Passenger Wagon

 This is a trolly style wagon.  It has park bench style seating facing forward.  All seats have back support.  It has a roof over the seating. We only have one of this style. 

Sabino Wagon 28 seats

This awesome wagon is available by special request.  Call early to reserve either individual seats or the entire wagon.  

Private wagons are great for families, company parties and client courtesy gifts.

Reserve the entire wagon!

All wagons are available for private parties.  Reserving the entire wagon is great for Parties, Large Families and Corporate Events.  Plus you can bring your drinks, snacks and music on board

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