Winterhaven Reservations in Tucson AZ

2019 Festival December 14th-28th

TIMES:  6, 7, 8 and 9 pm EVERY NIGHT 

520-825-0208 9am to 9pm

ONLINE RESERVATIONS for general seating:  Reserve below... Please note, with online reservations you must book 2 seats at a time  so if you want 4 seats, book twice and so on.  If you need an odd number of seats, feel free to call  Sorry!)

For more information on dates, times and prices please see that page

If you are trying to book a SPECIAL REQUEST such as an ENTIRE WAGON, A FORWARD FACING  WAGON OR A HANDICAPPED WAGON or questions

Please Call to arrange

(We do have wheelchair accessibility:)

Otherwise you may not get your special request

Please arrive 30 minutes early for your  Winterhaven ride 

3235 n. Country Club Road, Tucson Arizona 85716